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We pride ourselves on close working relationships with our customers, in order to offer them a complete technical support and service from our laboratory, our Research & Development Department, and our Marketing department.

Our R&D laboratory developed several formulations and al l of them achieve outstanding results in hair coloring.

Our proven international experience in the advancement of hair dyes make us the ideal partner for hair color development.

Huwell Chemicals offers a large selection of hair dyes that enable the colouring chemist to formulate all possible coloring systems for all hair types, and obtain fashionable shades.

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permanents range

Permanent Hair Colors represent the major segment of the hair coloring market. Their popularity depends on that it is possible to go lighter, darker, stay on shade and cover completely gray hair. The results are resistant to frequent shampooing.

These systems color the hair with long lasting shades and natural appearance. The actual color is generated by an oxidation process. During this process Hydrogen peroxide 20,30, or 40 volumes (6,9 or 12%) is used as oxidative agent.

The range of intermediates includes the main primary intermediates such as Hucol PPD, Hucol PAF, Hucol 4AMC and Hucol PTD that can react with a wide range of coupling intermediates to achieve various color shades

Huwell Permanent Coloring

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semipermanents range

Semipermanent Hair Dyes color the hair with results which will last between 6 and 12 shampoos and provide good grey coverage when the amount of grey is up to 50%.

This is the ideal product for those who do not want to commit themselves to color or that rather approach hair coloring more gradually or when the first gray hair appear.

No Hydrogen Peroxide or ammonia is required to achieve to desired color, consequently there is absolutely no hair damage resulting from the use of these systems.

Huwell Semi Permanenti
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Acid Blue 62
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