Handling bleaching powders requires good knowledge, not only of formulations but also of manufacturing methods, as well as of environmental and safety requirements.

Huwell Chemicals is committed to invest in manufacturing and safety equipment to improve production capacity and increase the level of safe working conditions. Our modern plant represents the state of the art technology in hair bleach manufacturing.

Some of our most successful developments are the Dust Free Microgranular Bleach, the Ammonia Dust Free Microgranular Bleach and more recently the Bleach Colour Dust Free Powder.



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Huwell Revolution


In 2020 Huwell Chemicals launched its formulation mindset, we called it Ad Astra, which in Latin means ‘to the stars’, because we envisioned a new generation of lighteners: high performance yet more caring of the hair health, vegan, safe for transportation (no DG), more conscious, with eclectic textures.

HC aimed to the bright studded sky, because all we ever wanted is to create always visionary products to give you only the very best.

And that’s why from 2022 Huwell Chemicals will no longer promote those powder formulations that do not fit to Ad Astra. Our customers now will enjoy a wide and full range of products that belong to the future.

We are pleased to share with you the Revolution of Lightening.

Huwell Deco Cosmica


Extreme bleaching and platinum shades are more fashionable than ever, and strong, intense and fast bleaching powders are becoming essential for every salon.

Year after year Huwell Chemicals has been developing high lift products to give to the colourists the perfect tool to achieve sharp and crisp blonds.

To all High Lift powder is possible to add one of our innovative plex options.

Huwell Deco Glenz


Our latest addition is a very performing bleaching powder, but easy to control. DECO Glenz lifts up to 9+ levels gradually bleaching even the darkest hair without damaging the hair fibre.

DECO Glenz, has a rich and full textureit’s easy to spread it’s vegan and it’s non-dangerous for transportation.

DECO Starlight

DECO Starlight is the new vegan and 9+ levels powder.

This ethereal bleach can lighten any type of hair, its balanced formula allows the hair colourist to mix it with whatever type of peroxide and obtain an extremely stable mixture.

DECO Starlight can be combined with any our plex, and it’s certified safe for transportation.

Huwell Starlight
Huwell Deco Soleil


DECO Soleil lightens up every kind of hair to 9 levels, creating glistening blondes.

The formula of DECO Soleil is a perfect equilibrium between lifting power and undoubtable stability leaving hair colourists free to use it with different mixing ratios and peroxide volumes.

DECO Soleil is vegan, no DG, and can be combined with all our plex.


9+ levels lift, extremely fast yet extremely reliable, vegan friendly, with an innovative texture, no DG, safer for storage and use. That’s DECO Cosmica.

The new texture guarantees perfect adherence to the hair surface, ensuring homogeneous bleaching; while its unrivaled performances allow the hair colourist to reach the most supreme shades of blonde.

Huwell Deco Cosmica
Huwell Deco Diva


DECO Diva is the right product to make any inner Diva come alive: 9 levels of lift, incredible texture, Halal certified, Vegan friendly, and considered non-dangerous for transportation and stocking.

Suitable for the addition of any of Huwell Chemicals plex solution, DECO Diva is the ultimate lightening product.

What else could we ask to a bleaching powder?

DECO Luminous

Ideal to achieve bright blondes and light up every type of base, DECO Luminous easily bleaches 8+ levels without stressing the hair fibre.

DECO Luminous is free of any animal derived ingredients, and it’s safe for transportation.

Huwell Deco Luminous
Huwell Deco Neo 1200, Neo 1200 Velvet

DECO NEO 1200 & DECO NEO 1200 Velvet

DECO Neo 1200 and DECO Neo 1200 Velvet are immediately going to conquer the hearts of the die-hard fans of our most iconic bleaching powder.

DECO Neo 1200 and DECO Neo 1200 Velvet can both reach 8 levels of lift, their extremely hair colourists to mix them with different ratios, they are vegan and safe for transportation, but what makes them unique is the texture.

DECO Neo 1200 has a more innovative consistency, less creamy and more technical, that helps the product sticking better to the hair.

DECO Neo 1200 Velvet is rich and full, with a luxurious texture it’s ideal for velvety applications.

Huwell Lightening Masks


Imagine a magic powder, infused with cosmic elements, deep moisturizing, marvellously creamy, that lightens hair to the brightest shades of blonde. Huwell Chemicals lightening masks are a totally new concept, an elevated form of vegan bleach.

Lightening masks are the perfect products for whoever wish to indulge their customers with lavish and bountiful lightening services

Huwell Blue Sky


Blue, like the wide blue yonder.

Blue, like the magnificent harmonic lustre of the sapphire dust it contains. Blue Sky is the lightening mask with the colour of the empyrean that will make you think about sunny and breezy summer mornings.

Blue Sky, in addition to sapphire, contains freshly pressed fig oil and black currant oil to promote the health of the hair, the richest shea butter fatty acids to soften the cuticles, and fermented hyaluronic acid to replenish and protect the hair structure while lifting up to 9 levels.


Ultra Violet is the purple bleach hair colourists have been waiting for as its intens chromaticity visually intensify the clarity of light blonde shades it can achieve. This brilliant Lightening Mask is enriched lavender oil well known for its strengthening properties, cherry oil and amethyst extract for splendid shine and shea butter fatty acid to moisturise the hair cuticles.

Ultra Violet also contains fermented hyaluronic acid that plumps the hair fibre while lifting up to 9 levels.

Huwell Ultra Violet
Huwell Deco Milkyway


We blended passion flower extract and peach oil to invigorate and lubricate the hair, rose quartz and the most succulent fatty acid of macadamia nuts for goddess like gloss.

We then topped everything with fermented hyaluronic acid, and added this miracle working elixir to our splendid white and creamy Milky Way lightening mask.

Rich and protective, yet powerful and performing, the Milky Way lightening mask lifts up to 9 levels.


Moonlight is the naturally white lightening mask. Gilded with moonstone powder and diamond dust to brighten every lock, and suffused with camellia oil and fermented hyaluronic acid to plump the fibre, Moonlight conditions and lifts the hair up to 9 tones.

Huwell Home 1
Huwell Home 1

Moonshadow Mask

Meteorite powder from the corners of the universe and black diamond dust from the Earth depths for the dazzle.

Dark Perille oil, and fermented hyaluronic acid to nurture and reinforce.

Moonshadow is a one-of-a-kind product that will give shine and moisture to every type of hair. Moonshadow, the only black mask that takes hair from dark to 9 levels of light.


We called it Matcha because that’s what it looks like: an ancient ritual where green powdered tea could promote health and harmony. Our Matcha Purifying & Lightening mask is the ultimate product for a ritual bleaching service, as it lightens, purifies and protects the hair.

Powered by organic ingredients, this amazing powder lifts up to 9 levels, detoxifies the hair from heavy metals thanks to spirulina and sodium gluconate two naturally chelating agents, and deeply soothes the cuticles and the hair structure with the hearty action of fermented hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and cucumber oil.

Matcha, due to all its organic ingredients, has a light green colour and a full and creamy texture given also by carrageenan algae (yes, another natural ingredient!).

Huwell Home 1
Huwell Home 1

Ammonia Free

Ammonia free lighteners are the ideal products for all the colourists who need suitable for sensitive skin or allergic subjects.

All the ammonia free products can be combined with our plex.

DECO 1257

DECO 1257 is one of the most popular ammonia free products. Thanks to its pH balanced formula it can lift to 7 levels, like a regular bleaching powder. It lifts up to 7 levels.

DECO 1351

DECO 1351 combines the microgranularfeature with the complete absence of ammonia. It lifts up to 7 levels.

Huwell Deco 1257, Deco 1351
Huwell Bleaching Oil Ammonia Free

Bleaching Oil Ammonia Free

Bleaching Oil Ammonia Free is the softest lightening product of Huwell Chemicals.

Ideal for very light services, it lifts up to 4 levels.

Huwell Balayage and Free-hand techniques


Huwell Chemicals freehand powders were created to enhance the creativity of the colourists who aim to achieve the trendiest results with the most artistic techniques.

All the powders in this range are applicable without the aluminium foil, because they stick to the hair throughout the entire application.

DECO Balayage Ultra

To achieve even more distinguished tones of blondes Huwell Chemicals created DECO Balayage Ultra.

With its creamier texture and boosted power, DECO Balayage Ultra bleaches up to 8+ levels.

Huwell DECO Balayage Ultra


DECO Balayage Ammonia free it’s the perfect tool for the colourist who’s looking for an ammonia free powder, but with the exciting characteristics of free-hand products.

It lights up to 5 tones.


DECO Balayage Ultra Precise has a more mineral feeling than its original version, but lifts still up to 8+ tones.

With its incredible grip DECO Balayage Ultra Precise is deal for extra detailed application.

DECO Neo Balayage & DECO Neo Balayage Precise

DECO Neo Balayage & DECO Neo Balayage Precise

Deco Neo Balayage and DECO Neo Balayage Precise are the new addition of Huwell Chemicals Freehand range. Both powders lift up to 7 levels and work perfectly on every type of hair, including naturally grey hair for timeless blondes.

What differentiate these new powders is the texture. DECO Neo Balayage is creamier and has a softer grip.

DECO Neo Balayage Precise is thicker and chalkier, with a distinctive grip.

Bleaching paste

Bleaching pastes are between the most innovative products in the bleach market, easy to use, and 100% dust free,these products are gentler than any lightening powder.

In fact, the high content of oil allays the stress on the fibres and smoothly softens the hair.

Huwell Chemicals Bleaching pastes can be enriched with any of the plex.

Huwell Bleaching paste


DECO High DeLight works wonder on every type of hair easily reaching 8+ levels of lift without excessively stressing the hair fibre.

Its sleek cosmetic appearance turns into a feathery cream when mixed with any peroxide.

DECO High DeLight is also manufactured with a ‘low impact process’ that reduces emissions during its production. DECO High DeLight comes in every shade and can be combined with and any of our plex.


DECO Free DeLight is the perfect solutions for delightful ammonia free bleaching services.

This soft lightening cream lifts up to 6 levels, comes in many different colours and can be combined with α-chrome and your preferred plex.

Want to add an extra to your bleaching cream?

Try α-chrome.

α-chrome is the ultimate remedy to unwanted yellow, orange and brass undertones.

All the powders in this range are applicable without the aluminium foil, because they stick to the hair throughout the entire application.

Huwell Plex

In response to the overflooding of the market with ‘during and after’ bleaching treatments Huwell Chemicals created the first ever range of powders with built-in treatments that allow the colourist to bleach and condition in only one step.

Innovation is our mission, and we're proud to ropose an extensive range of plex solutions.


Pectin is a polysaccharide naturally found in citrus peels. Huwell Chemicals selected this fresh ingredient as the key for its range Defence.

Pectin creates a ‘safety net’ around the hair, allowing the bleach to penetrate in the cortex but preventing the excessive opening of the cuticles.


Polysaccharides are key components for plex technologies, and Ulva Lactuca, the ingredient of the Rebound range, is packed with it.

Glycine, Arginine, Cysteine and Lysine are only a few of the extremely moisturizing sugars contained in this special alga that conditions and elasticize the hair during the application, avoiding the breakage of the fibers.


Just mentioning it, everyone knows how powerful its action is, but – if possible – the hyaluronic acid of our Exquisite line is even more special. Our cationic and fermented hyaluronic acid works just like a sponge, and it traps and seal deep in the cortex the moisture, hydrating even the most porous type of hair. Fermented hyaluronic acid plumps the hair and protects from damage the hair fibre throughout the entire application.


Pullulan is a vegan polysaccharide, naturally obtained by the fermentation of starch and thanks to its protecting properties is the core ingredients of Huwell Chemicals Marvellous plex. Pullulan adheres to the external walls of the hair shielding the porous areas from the externalaggressions of the bleach.


Chitin-glucan is a special complex of vegetal origin and it’s the essential element of our new Revive plex range. Chitin-glucan highly moisturizes the cuticles, and thanks to its cationic properties interacts with the cortex keratin helping retaining the natural hydration of the hair.


Polyamino Sugar Condensate is the famous ingredient Huwell Chemicals discovered, and that is still the beating heart of the Protect range. PSC is a mixture of amino sugars and proteins that keeps the cuticles moisturised without bloating them, soothing the effect of the bleach.

Huwell - Plex
Huwell Color Lightnening
Huwell - Deco Cleanser


Huwell Chemicals doesn't ma ke only products for blonds, but also for colours. In this range we offer solutions for crazy colourful hair.


DECO Cleanser is the new bleaching powder created specifically for decapage and colour correction. It removes any type of dye, and it can be applied following different methods according to the condition of the hair and the desired result.


DECO Colour Sweep is a soft colour remover in powder form, ideal for colour correction service on damaged hair. DECO Colour Sweep is enriched with Ulva Lactuca extracts, the special ingredient of the Rebound plex.

Huwell Pink

DECO Colour Lights

Sometimes even successful products need a restyle and whenever there is room for improvement, we take the chance to formulate something better and elaborating on Huwell Chemicals old ‘bleach and colour’ series DECO 400, we formulated colour lightening pastes

Like all bleaching pastes DECO Colour Lights is completely dust free and highly conditioning and thanks to the embedded colour technology it leaves the hair already toned in only one step.


Huwell Chemicals created a range of new and trendy shades for the most eclectic hair colourist.

Huwell Gamma Color Light Galatic Purple Uranian Blue Eye Candy Pink
Huwell Gamma Color Light Golden Ginger Sunny Blond
Huwell Golden Ginger
Huwell Poppy Red
Huwell Gamma Color Light Poppy Red Raspberry Magenta
Huwell Booklet
Huwell Hall of Fame




Huwell Chemicalstakes care to develop the project of its customers, from the very first idea, until the final packaging, whether it is a bleaching powder or a cream. Our packaging range is wide and customisable, to fulfil all requests.

We took a stand against plastic waste, and we are committed to reduce the use of such material in the solutions we propose.

In fact, we are investing in flexible packaging in order to lower amount plastic jars consumption by our clients, and replacing it with bags and refill pouches.

Huwell Packaging
Huwell Packaging
Huwell Packaging
Huwell Packaging