and innovation

Always new goals


una risposta per tutte le

applicazioni cosmetiche

Huwell Chemicals, leader nel mercato internazionale hair care, per offrire un servizio ancora più accurato ai professionisti del settore è lieta di annuciare che da oggi è possibile richiedere.

. La selezione di materie prime per formulazioni di prodotti tricologici

. Una gamma di coloranti per la produzione di tinte

. Una gamma ancora più evoluta di polveri, maschere e oli decoloranti

. Il servizio formulativo di supporto per shampoo, balsami, sieri olii per capelli

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Innovation continues through

the research


Research and technical innovation, as well as the requirements of new regulations in the field of raw materials, are for Huwell Chemicals a continuous challenge to guarantee new products.

In order to support the client's choose with updated and complete scientific information, HC monitors the scientific progress on a daily basis.

Confidence and relationship with the client are source of Huwell Chemicals strength and, at the same time, stimulate a continuous proposal of innovative services and products.

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Professional results

Our method of production is unique; it gives us a high productive capacity, and allow us to follow accurately the entire process in all its phases. The considerable expertise of Huwell Chemicals R&D team is one of the keys to the continuous creation of outstanding formulations. However, what makes our products different are the infinite possibility of customisation, from the making until the final packaging, everything is developed on the client vision.



We boast a unique method of production, created and designed exclusively for Huwell Chemicals.

Thanks to the new plant and the unique production process HC ensures high production capacity and consistent product quality.

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Attention in each phase

Through the support of its highly specialized staff Huwell Chemicals designs and manufactures new customized products upon customer request.

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